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Howto Use Joomla DSlideshow Component in your project?

Dslideshow component consists of two joomla extensions, Dslideshow compoent itself and mod_dslideshow module, in order to display the slideshow on your joomla pages, you would need to enable the mod_dslideshow module under Module Management,  assign a position to it, and then show it on pages you want the slideshow to be displayed on.

In order to add slides to slideshow, goto Components->DSlideshow and add slides there.

If you have any questions submit a comment.

Magento – Debug Query and Prepared Statements via Profiler

Zend Framework provides comprehensive classes for debugging insert, update, delete and select queries, while magento is based on Zend Framework we can utilize Zend_Profiler to debug queries and prepared statements.

If you are familiar with Magento Resource Models ( Models residing in Mysql4 directory ) you should be able to achieve this easily via $this->_getWriteAdapter() which returns Varien_Db_Pdo object, here is an example

$sql = 'INSERT INTO table1(column1, column2) VALUES(:col1, :col2)';
$bind = array(':col1'=>'value for column1', ':col2'=>'value for column2');
$adapter = $this->_getWriteAdapter();
$adapter->query($sql, $bind); //execute query and bind parameters to it.

$adapter->getProfiler()->setEnabled(true); //enable profiler
print $adapter->getProfiler()->getLastQueryProfile()->getQuery();  //print last executed query
print_r($adapter->getProfiler()->getLastQueryProfile()->getQueryParams()); //print binding parameters