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Magento Home Page Slideshow – Free Extension

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Magento How to Change Modify Product Type? Free Extension

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Magento Brand Manufacturer Management Free Extension

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Howto Use Joomla DSlideshow Component in your project?

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Dslideshow component consists of two joomla extensions, Dslideshow compoent itself and mod_dslideshow module, in order to display the slideshow on your joomla pages, you would need to enable the mod_dslideshow module under Module Management,  assign a position to it, and then show it on pages you want the slideshow to be displayed on.

In order to add slides to slideshow, goto Components->DSlideshow and add slides there.

If you have any questions submit a comment.

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Ubuntu/Linux Tar Exclude Directory

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To exclude directory from tar here is the command.

tar -cvpf ./test.tar --exclude="/path/to/dir1/*" --exclude="/path/to/dir2/*" /path/to/
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Magento – Debug Query and Prepared Statements via Profiler

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Zend Framework provides comprehensive classes for debugging insert, update, delete and select queries, while magento is based on Zend Framework we can utilize Zend_Profiler to debug queries and prepared statements.

If you are familiar with Magento Resource Models ( Models residing in Mysql4 directory ) you should be able to achieve this easily via $this->_getWriteAdapter() which returns Varien_Db_Pdo object, here is an example

$sql = 'INSERT INTO table1(column1, column2) VALUES(:col1, :col2)';
$bind = array(':col1'=>'value for column1', ':col2'=>'value for column2');
$adapter = $this->_getWriteAdapter();
$adapter->query($sql, $bind); //execute query and bind parameters to it.

$adapter->getProfiler()->setEnabled(true); //enable profiler
print $adapter->getProfiler()->getLastQueryProfile()->getQuery();  //print last executed query
print_r($adapter->getProfiler()->getLastQueryProfile()->getQueryParams()); //print binding parameters

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